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Posted 15th Nov
Hey guys, we had a bit of insider info regarding how to get the best deals from ALDI

If you have an tips and/or tricks, please feel free to msg me, we all want to get the best deals possible

Choose the right time to shop

Weekends can be very busy, if you’re planning a shop the best times to go are between 8:00am-10:00am or any time after 18:00pm to avoid massive queues. Tuesday and Wednesdays are also the quietest days to visit.

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Special Buys Deals

The best times to find special buys deals is at 8:00am Thursday morning and 10:00am on Sunday morning as these are the two special buys launch dates across all stores. It’s on a first come first serve basis and nothing can be reserved, even by staff members. There is also a high possibility new special buys will be discounted even more every 4-6 weeks depending on store size and stock remaining.Check offers throughout the year

Specialbuys online & instore (Stock is limited online and instore)

ALDI offers many discounts and deals throughout the year, the most attractive offers are usually over the Christmas period, but you can find seasonal deals at other points such as During the August to September Back to School period.

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Update 17/11/19 from another member who wishes to remain anon

If you can't make the other times most Aldi stores go quiet after 7pm on Saturday evening. Never shop on a Sunday unless you want that particular weeks special buys it gets really busy.

Special buy reductions are on a Thursday, but nothing is reduced until it's at least a few (I'll check what it is exactly possibly 8 weeks) weeks old.

Reductions are sent down to the individual store on Wednesday and the price cards put out either late Wednesday night with the New special buys or early Thursday morning.

Officially fresh reductions (50%) should be done in an evening after 7pm
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