Aldi PC worth it ?

Found 22nd Jul 2009
From tomorrow at Aldi quad core AMD PC £429 no monitor.
Do Dell or anyone else do similar for the price ? would really need monitor too included in price.
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no the prosseser is 2.3 which is average.

your better off buying on from ebuyer,or building your own
my medion has been amazeign since day one i would recommend them to any one my wareenty 3years i havent had to use yet but speaking to customer services on the phone they seem very helpfull so yes medion pcs are great and that one if im not mistaken comes with a free upgrade to windows 7 so great deal id say but be down there ealry as stores normlyy have limited stock 2-3 its the same pc i have now bought last november but with a smaller HD and ipaid 70 pound more for thaf so this is a great deal
i have a medion netbook which i paid £170 for....

its ok but i definatly wouldnt spend much money on a medion branded machine
ure all slagging medion but try and find about the same spec pc for the price i strugeled six months ago
ebuyer .......
I've heard good things from every person I know who has bought a PC from Aldi. I shop there and am always tempted to drop some of my wages when I am buying the fruit and veg.

3 year warranty, a pretty nippy PC (Intel processors are better IMO) but for that price you are laughing, don't be put off by the name.
I've had 2 medion PC's over the last 5 years, both have been great and have never needed their 3 year warranty. :thumbsup:

I would rather have a factory built and tested PC using quality components than some DIY lash up with compatibility issues.:whistling:
Their Guarantees must work or they wouldn't have refurbs to sell on their website. innit!
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