Aldi shopping vouchers from £5 free p&p to help shop for Vulnerable people

Posted 29th Apr
With many of us now shopping on behalf of people who are self-isolating, vulnerable or unable to leave the house, Aldi has made it easier to pay for essentials and groceries.

The supermarket has introduced a new scheme which allows people to buy special vouchers for use by volunteers shopping in stores.

An amazing way to shop your everyday essentials…
Our Shopping Voucher is a simple, cashless way to pay for groceries and other essentials in your local Aldi. Everyone can use them, whether you’re purchasing one for yourself or for a friend.

Available in £5 & £10

Orange voucher restrictions: Alcohol and lottery.

Blue voucher restrictions: lottery.

If you are an organisation (i.e. Local Authority, School, College, University or private business) and you would like to purchase a high volume of vouchers, please contact A dedicated member of the team will happily discuss and process the order for you.
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Or you could use cash. How does this benefit anyone except the store?
It's a case of seen to be doing something even though it's pointless
You have to spend the voucher in one go. Totally pointless.
I could 'almost' understand it if it wad vouchers given to a drug addict. Though they could sell it on. But if you are shopping for someone else??
Just use cash, or card. Why put another link in the chain?
clostridium_botulinum29/04/2020 10:35

You have to spend the voucher in one go. Totally pointless.

Why? Is it difficult to sepnd £10 on food all in one go then?
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