Aldi Tent - Urgent help needed

Found 11th Jul 2008
I decided to go and buy one of those tents at Aldi.
Went to two local stores and got the last one at the second store - but it was not in box and possibly not complete!!! anyway I took a chance at it and bought one knowing I could get my money back if not right.
Well all the parts seem to be there but there are no instructions of how to put it together.
After an hour of trying and cursing I need help...
will some kind person scan the instructions and email them to me. I have the tent kind of up but I think if a passing fly blows at it it may disappear over the gardens -
my email address is

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Have you got a picture of your tent or a link to it.
I bought one from Argos a month ago and am wondering if it's the same.
If it is, then I can help you.…htm

thats the tent - hope you can help - fingers crossed
Oooooh sorry, mine's Mickey Mouse compared to that one.

Good luck anyway.
is it a product that comes with the 3 year warranty? if it is is maybe you could try calling them to see if they can get a copy for you?
it does - i have the warranty paper too - its a freefone number too - rang it and got through to someone in Germany who was pretty helpful. they SAID they will email the instructions and despite me spelling out my email address about 10 times... its not come yet... even though they said they would post straight away....sigh
Im not at home now but as soon as I get back I will ring them again - I suggested I email THEM so they can reply but apparently the only bloke that can access their incoming mail is off for a week !!! grrr - they can post out if only they could UNDERSTAND
maybe they are on a tea break and will e mail it once they have finished!
ooo and check it's not gone straight to your junk mail, thats what usually happens to me and i forget to look.
long tea break it was just before my original post here - I am sure loads of people bought this tent yesterday - after the post here and it being reduced by £20.... probably just got to wait for people to get home from work

oh and it wont have gone to spamcatcher - checked that
i work at aldi, if you don't get any joy i'll have a look tom and see if we have any left, if we have i'll copy them for you.
bless thanks for that
Anyone home from work yet can help with this?
Have you tried sending a PM to the peeps on this thread who bought one?
I have not done so as of yet but desperation is forcing me to do
I have actually erected it after a fashion - am not sure if its correct though - bound to have done something wrong....
Lovely huge tent too. Got my 12yr old daughter and friends camping out in it tonight in the back garden so I hope I have done it right !!!!
At least you'll find out if it's waterproof. :w00t:
I know its waterproof, it teemed it down this afternoon and its dry as a bone inside.
Interesting thing about tents that I did not know...till yesterday - there is a measurement for tent waterproof-ability and in the UK apparently the minimum recommended is 1500mm water column (whatever that means) but basically the more the better - most cheap tents at Argos and where-have you are as low as 1200mm so your likely to get wet.... the better ones tend to be at least 2000mm which seems reasonable... this one from Aldi is 4000mm which is the highest rated one I found anywhere (any others rated close to that high are well over £200) so I am pretty chuffed with it. certainly had a drenching today and its held out fine.
Hi, just to say I looked at work and we where all sold out, sorry.
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