aldi tevion mp3..4gb..players ?.....£25

    hi , anyone know if these are any good ?? batt, sound , easy to load up etc..many thanks..


    Im not sure about the mp3 player but i know Tevion is a really good make. We've bought loadsa electronics and they're all top class. I would probably buy it if i needed it.

    Purchased one the other day, well made and easy to use as you can synch all your music with windows 11 player. Uses amv files for video and to be honest I have not had the time to try any on it as yet . I use it for the gym and I am pleased with it, basic but well built. a link to explore its attributes

    Its a great product.

    Buy It.

    Best money ever spent by anyone

    Original Poster

    thanks all of you..mart..

    If you can find one now? (they sold out the three stores around me in less than a hour on Sunday)

    I bout a tevion 4 GB mp3 player about three months back for about £25 I can't rememeber now. It is excellent but the manual is awful. Once you know how to use it you will be completely satisfied wit it. Two sets of ear phones were supplied with 3.5 mm jacks, a charger and a usb lead/charger lead for connecting to a computer. It came complete with a camera,fm radio, dvd movie player and a picture viewer. All of these worked well although I use it mostly for audio books and it is amazing how many you can get into 4GB. The battery on mine runs for about 4 hours but charges in about two. The only fault is that one of the ear phones stopped working. I thought it was such a bargain that I tried to buy another. Of course they were sold out but after acouple of weeks they received a new stock of a slighly restyled model selling foor £29. I bought one of these for my wife. The key presses did not perform the same action as my model and the manual was again impenetrable. I phoned their help desk - it was answered promptly and I was talked through the instruction which bore very little resemblance to the instructions in the book. My wife is delighted wit it but again one of the ear phones has stopped working. This time the ear phones have a much rarer 2.5mm jack plug. There is a reassuring 3 year guarantee on the player. I think the are one of the best #330s I have ever spent.

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