Aldi Three Bird Roast

    Last year and this year again I've seen it on the TV ad and it looks delicious. Having bought roast type things before, I know they usuall;y are nothing like they look on the lid. Has anyone bought and cooked this roast? If so, was it tasty and does it look like on the tv ad?


    Good news!
    What is it, and can you add a price please?

    I have had one before, and tbh, I usually find Aldis food quite good, but this was overpowered with the stuffing, it was hard to tell if there was one bird or 3. It is one of Aldis meats I will never buy again as most of it was stuffing and a salty stuffing at that....went straight in the bin

    I know someone who has a budgie going cheap.

    Care to divulge the price.?!?!

    I bought it last year and was disappointed. The roast shrivelled to nothing and was so full of fat.


    Care to divulge the price.?!?!

    Adverteised on TV as £9.99


    Don't do it

    A friend bought it last year and said it was good for the bin, so dont buy if I was you, it put me off,

    Original Poster

    Thanks for letting me know! I was going to buy one, but was a bit sus, glad I asked here, won't get one now!

    Thanks all

    It's fowl.


    I thought this was about some kind of orgy
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