Aldi Video Sender on sale this week £19.99

Found 4th Nov 2008…htm

Hi, Does anyone understand how these things work? does this mean all I have to do is plug it in and then I can watch Sky (which we have in one room already) on a TV in another room? a bit like buying Sky multiroom?
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The difference between this and sky multiroom is that with multiroom you can watch any other channel, where as with this you can only watch what you have on the other TV
I saw this and thought it was a pretty good deal, however i found a drawback, a lot of these you can use the remote over the sender as well, this one doesn't state that you can do that, so not a brilliant piece of kit.

Tesco were doing one for about £5 more, it was less obtrusive and enabled you to change channel with the remote through the sender as well.
If you can still get it it does allow use of a remote via the receiver. It comes with an IR extender to attach to the IR reciever of the device being sent.
All that said think mine are going back as it keeps turning off
Don't these operate on the same frequency as most wireless routers though?
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