Posted 22nd Jan 2023
So criteria to compare their tools.

Post Sales Service

Any criteria I have missed out on?

Which one would you pick?

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    You're comparing almost identical tools, in fact I'm sure I've bought tools from both Aldi and Lidl a few years ago and apart from the colour and labelling they've been the same.

    My main issue with both of them (and with power tools in general) is battery compatibility. Whatever you choose you're tied in to that ecosystem, and if they change or abandon their batteries you're up a certain creek without a certain tool. I bought Stanley Fatmax tools as it is a decent brand and reasonably priced tools. I've now gone back to get a new battery and they've changed them to a 'V2' version. Thankfully they're an adapter so I can use V2 batteries on V1 tools, but it's just frustrating that it happens. There's a few companies now who have made an entire business out of battery adapters!

    Aldi have at least had two different versions of their battery, although in their favour they've stayed with their current version for a while now.
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    tat versus junk
    Not a pro so no need for DeWalt, Makita etc for the odd job.
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    I’ve got a Lidl screwdriver set, their precision micrometer and their car 5a battery charger and I’ve got no complaints. Why Lidl, simply because it’s more convenient for me to walk there than Aldi.
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    My understanding is both Aldi and Lidl have their tools manufactured in Germany, as opposed to China or the Far East.

    One cannot do better than to buy German precision engineering.