Aldi Warranty company gone bust, HELP!

    I bought a Tevion portable DVD player from Aldi 2 years ago and it broke, so I sent it to the warranty company, Fascin8 Ltd.(it had a 3 year warranty) They said it would take 2 weeks to repair and they were ordering a part. Well, they have now gone into administration, and they still have my DVD player! They are not contactable and Aldi aren't returning my calls.
    Could anyone tell me where I stand, do Aldi have to honour the warranty or is it not their responsibility? Any advice would be appreciated.


    Should have took it to aldi in the first place. The contract is with you and them.

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    Oh I see. We did take it to the store but the manager just directed us to the warranty company. I should have checked on here first!

    Yeah its to be expected, should have stood your ground, but you're not to know.

    Only thing I can think of is chasing aldi up.

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    Will do. I'll write to them tomorrow. Glad I kept copies of everything. Thanks

    I've seen people take stuff back to Aldi and they just say to get in touch with the warranty people as once its out of store its nothing to do with them.

    Contact the administrator direct:

    Administrator of Fascin8 Limited, c/o Hodgsons, Nelson House, Park Road, Timperley, WA14 5BZ
    T: 0161 969 2023
    F: 0161 969 2024
    E: [email protected]

    It's only down to aldi for the 1st year, after that it's not their problem and quite right too. You need to contact the manufacturer, or just go and buy another one.

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    Thanks Thistleno1, I will give them a try if I get no joy from Aldi, I might at least get my broken DVD player back!

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    Thanks everyone for your help. Just to update, Aldi have confirmed that they will be honouring the warranty (and quite right too). I will be getting a replacement or a full refund. Hooray!
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    yay good news
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