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    It appears that several people have bought this unit and after a somewhat seamless setup, problems seem to happen.

    After registering with Reciva and loading any extra channels you want you have, you have to power off the radio and then you will have these channels downloaded to your set. When you re boot the system or power off/power on the unit, the systems hangs with the display saying "Initialising network".

    After calling the help desk I was told that unit must be faulty and to return it for a new model.

    There was also talk of this model have back up batteries, it doesn't. So if you ever disconnect the power cable you lose your settings including the clock setting.

    Mmmmmm, not the unit I was expecting to buy.

    It is also a rather cheap piece of plastic kit which would be worth it if it worked.



    So it is pretty much like IR100 then apart from external PSU and stereo speakers?

    BTW, if you want to read about other Reciva-based radios (which ar dominating UK market at the moment) - here is their forum.

    As to alternative... tough. Anything else of this kind is much more expensive (normally 100+ quid).
    The market isn't there yet - these were classed as "enthusiast" devices for quite a long time and as expected, everything with such a label attract premium price tag.
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