Alex Reid fight with Tom Watson CANCELLED!!! lol

    In the SUN today it is told that "cage fighter" Alex Reid has pulled out of his much anticipated fight against Tom "Kong" Watson...

    apparently he's hurt his leg..... and he may fight later this year or NEXT !!!!!

    whatever - katie has probably told him he's gonna get an a$$ whooping and not to fight as she don't want her reputation to be tarnished by being married to a Loser...


    But wont he look more of a loser by pulling out of the fight ? :?

    oh well both losers together

    He's probably had the botox or nose job that Katie wants him to have (reportedly) and doesn't want to spoil his face. Or could be due to the lack of backbone that man appears to have since marrying Katie Price.


    He'll never fight again. He has the money and fame that he got into fighting for in the first place, he has no heart or desire to take anyone else on in the ring. He has his work cut out with his wife anyway!!

    Original Poster

    did anyone watch his show this week? he punched a PAD and hurt his hand - what's he gonna be like punching a face??

    the guy woulda lost in the first round

    he will never get in a ring while he's with her - billed as britains best known cage fighter - yeah only cos of the silly bit** he's married to !! never heard of him before that!
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