Alexa - aaaaarrrgghhhh!

Found 31st Oct 2017
this alexa device is doing my head in, the missus signed up to Amazon music unlimited and we have the alexa devices in most rooms, but she wont play what I ask for even though its there on amazon music for example the St Vincent Masseducation album or the sound of 4AD playlist.. how can I make this work, if you can't help me i'll pop to the pub and pour out my woes to the barmaid.. my alexa doesn't understand!
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probably doesn't like your taste in music have i pint for me
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this isnt goiung to help but i have google home mini and spotify linked and plays any playlist im subscribed. IO assume thats what you are trying to achieve?
not many people do.. I kinda hoped that "AI" wasn't that "I" lol
Get your missus to ask the same thing, if it plays it for her you'll know it doesn't like you it's a voice recognition issue rather than a setup one.
I'm hoping your saying Alexa before each request or it won't work
This restores my faith in life!
Schlingel18 h, 2 m ago

I'm hoping your saying Alexa before each request or it won't work

Oh my lord I don't pretend to be the brightest bulb in the house ..but even I wouldn't be that stupid ..for once.. ..oh look I didn't switch it only joking
I assume Alexa is linked to your wifes account?

Also, check in the alaxa app to see what questions you have asked, I know it has problems with my accent at times.
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