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Found 27th Jan 2017
So I've had my echo dot for just over a week and I kinda expected more. Yes I can control my smart heating with it but what's all this enable skills business about. I have to enable a skill and then say key sentence for it to work. If I don't use the correct words I get 'oh I'm sorry I don't understand '. WHAT ? idea of the echo was that it would be like Siri but better. You don't have to enable skills in Siri and say key sentences for it to understand and give the correct answers. Why can't all the skills in the echo all ready be turned on by default ? It would make things a little easier. !
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skills are third party apps, they aren't required and I've never used any of them

I love alexa
Oh. I was under the impression that you had to enable skills for the echo to work.
I have only enabled Spotify. mine works fine and I have a Scottish accent to boot.
Works great for me.but i know a few people who had problems with understanding voice commands.
To help with this reset the echo.then open the alexa app. And give voice commands as normal to the echo every time the app will ask if it was right.this will help with it getting it right with voice commands usually takes only a couple of goes before it starts to work how it should.also Google things to do with your echo.
Google some forums.…cs4
Also have a look on YouTube.
Great help. Thanks guys.
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