Alexa auto turning on music / loud volume

Posted 29th Nov
Got a strange issue... The last few days Ive came home to the last radio station I listened to playing on a loud volume (louder than what it was left at)

Has anyone else had this?

Also tonight all my Hue lights were on, I turned them all off with Alexa on the way out this morning.

Checked the apps and I cant see any routines set or anything

Is there some sort of random turn on thing built into Alexa?

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There have been similar reports on here and elsewhere have a chat to Amazon for their opinion. Either that or the ghost likes to listen to loud music
What Alexa device are you using?
Echo 2nd Gen

Will ask Amazon

The lights all being on I can put down to the cats sitting / standing on the Hue remote that controls all the lights in the house but I cant see them turning the volume up with Alexa unless they can now speak... Lol
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