Alexa compatible Dimmer

Found 13th Apr 2018
Can anyone recommend a good dimmer that's Alexa compatible.

I need one that doesn't require the neutral wire as I'm pretty sure my light switches don't have one.

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How many lights is this to control? It may be far simpler to get Alexa compatible lightbulbs
A nice idea, but the switches I want to replace all had 5 bulb fittings put in last year - so not ideal.
our Lighting circuits aren’t really geared up to work with switches like other countries because they have neutral and live I don’t think there are many that do work like this (even though some on amazon say they do. The issue is you need power and neutral to the switch plus switch out.

I have seen I think lightwave that do them but they work differently with a slave wireless switch. I’ve also heard of a few companies selling the ceiling rose as a smart device but I’ve not bought one.
What about Sonoff WiFi switches in the ceiling rose or lamp cord?
Edit: sorry, missed the dimmer bit, thought you just needed a switch.
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I have a Samsung smartthings box and have fibaro dimmer 2 switches fitted in my switches.

Work great with alexa too so I can tell alexa to dim, turn of etc.

Only downside is they don't work with LED lights or more then 250 watts
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