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Alexa No Longer Answers Properly? Any Experiencing Similar Issues?

Posted 4th Oct 2020
Hi All, as anyone got an Alexa, if so I want you to ask this question.

Alexa: GIVE ME A QUOTE? now for years on my Alexa when you asked this question a random quote was given, but NOT anymore it seems, all you get now is this response "SORRY I DO NOT HAVE AN ANSWER FOR THAT" is anyone else with an Alexa devices having the same issue when asking for a Quote. ?

Also I have noticed Alexa is not working as effectively, nor answering questions properly and sometimes just totally ignoring you all-together, as anyone noticed these weird changes to Alexa who is becoming more non-responsive than to certain questions when before they was always answered.

I honestly think this all may be due to some changes to google, and I think Alexa would rely on Google when asking questions, but since Google Search Engine now pops up a window talking about agreeing to cookies and so far, it seems Alexa cannot bypass this... this is one factor I have been thinking may be a problem...

If anyone as a GOOGLE device, please ask the same QUESTION and say.

"Hey Google GIVE ME A QUOTE" and let me know what response you get please, thanks.
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