Alexa Show 5 Alarms

Posted 15th Oct
Anyone have a link to instructions as to how to work these properly.

If an alarm is on, and I'm up before it goes off and I want to skip the alarm, how dow I do it?
I normally touch the alarm time on the display and sometimes and it allows me to cancel the next occurance... other times I click and it goes into the Alarms list where after I choose an alarm, it just allows me to edit it and not cancel the next occurance.

I have the night mode on too and most of the time it shows the dimmed red clock. At other times it just shows text ("echo show") in the middle of the display.

So annoying that I cant seem to do things on it consistently.
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Generally I just ask Alexa to cancel the alarm and she asks which one, but here's some instructions.…510
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