Alfa Romeo Mito 1.4 120

Found 17th Jul 2009
I'm looking to buy my very first brand new car and I've decided what I'm going for and I know the configuration and the retail price of it.

I'll already be getting £2,000 off with the scrappage scheme. Where does that leave me in negotiating with the dealership? I'm clueless as to what sort of margins they make on this type of product and with £2k off already (£1k coming from the dealership as part of the scrappage deal) I'm wondering if there's any room left to negotiate an even better deal?

If there is, what should I realistically expect? Is it out of the question to try and aim for another £1k off? Or would £200 be the best deal be a deal of the century?

Thoughts from any recent new car buyers would be appreciated - especially those who have taken advantage of the scrappage scheme.

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my parents are looking at the same car and were told there's an "up to 16 weeks" waiting list...if they are really that popular then it probably gives you less bargaining power...
Nice car - I was trying to blag my Dad into getting a Brera not too long back & he was close, but he ended up taking the familiar option & got a Focus ST Still a damn fine & hugely quick car though

Anywho, their was an episode of 5th Gear on a few weeks back with this on it - granted, it wasn't for a Mito......so if you know of anyone who Sky+'d it, or if you can find out another way to get hold of it (internet), they had some good pointers & got a huge price off a Ford..............in fact I went looking & found it;
Though it doesn't go into great detail as to what to say, it'll give you a few pointers & remind you that you HAVE to be stern with them!!!

Good luck & I'd like to know how you get on (if you don't mind
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