Alicante has one where is ours?

Found 29th Mar 2007
Coming back from benidorm via Alicante airport last November I was up at the north end of the check in hall beside the Easyjet check in.
Immediately in front of me was what I could only describe as a bucket shop . As the flight appeared on the check in board they would advertise seats available at huge discounts. These where for all companies operating from the airport.

As I use Glasgow and Edinburgh airports I must admit I have never seen one in either of them and the nearest equivalent as I stated previously are the bucket shops in the high streets.
My question for the board is: Are these shops available in other airports and if so which?
I have passed through Heathrow but never noticed one but then its a huge airport and they used to be available in the USA but as my travel is limited now I thought I would invite answers from the members.
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