Alice in wonderland, has anyone seen it?

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i havent seen it but read on here its supposed to be good.... suppose it depends on individual tastes tho

iv seen it.. it was not too bad but not too good either.. 6/10

I went with my 11yr old son and his two friends and everyone loved it - the 3D effects were really good

Hmm.. Was alright nothing amazing special about it. Definately some funny moments but overall not a film that I would strongly recommend you seeing.



I loved it, its not as freaky as other tim burton films, person who played alice could have been abit better, but overall its good

It's worth a watch is my opinion. It was also the first film I saw in 3D and thought on the whole it was fine what they did with it (although the best 3D segments were while she walked through the forest etc, the rest wasn't so great).

My verdict - Go see it, it's an ok film, not a classic but still enjoyable.

i thought it was not good at all (age 47) 4/10
wife (42) 6/10
my daughter (12) 8/10 she liked the characters in the movie ,thought the storyline was okish
son(6) liked the characters liked the movie too

I went in with low expectations and actually thought it was quite good. Worth a watch.

Don't see it in 3D though. Not at all worth the extra money for some rubbish 3D effects that were tacked on to a distinctly 2D film.

Dumbed down, nothing like the original. Flogging a dead horse.

If you go in there with low expectations then you may get it, maybe a bit better.

But as always depends on your tastes.

I went in with high expectations. Loved it, but not as much as I hoped. It was an exciting cast, interestingly animated...

I went with my 6 year old daughter. we both loved it

Another classic Depp/Burton collaboration that I was looking forward to since it was announced.

My 7 year old & I went to see it on the first weekend of release & we both enjoyed the story & the characterisations.

Because of the Director though, it does have a few areas where a person who likes the classic story may find the reworking not to their taste, but overall it worked for me albeit not one of Burton's better movies in my opinion. Depp was a little "by the numbers" too & this struck me as odd. I'd like to think he was not trying to take anything away from the screen time shared with Alice, but in some respects he did have the stronger material to work with. I was expecting a little bit more 'oddball' Mad Hatter rather than the portrayal seen. It wasn't bad, but it just wasn't as far removed from his other interpretations of book-to-screen characters previously presented. I still very much rate him as an actor, & will look forward to his future projects.

This aside, I will be buying the Blu-ray Disc (with included DVD "combi pack") when it is available (4 June 2010) as I'd like to share the film with my other two other (elder) kids too (who couldn't go with us at the time we booked the tickets for the cinema) & would like to see any "Making Of..." content as it may be interesting to learn how some of the effects were achieved.

I also thought the young actress (Mia Wasikowska) who played Alice Kingsley was a good choice but other reviews I have read (especially at did not rate her that highly.

If I had to rate the movie I would probably say 7/10 for interpretation; 7/10 for story/script; 8/10 for presentation; 7/10 for casting; 8/10 for length (just under 1 hour 50 minutes).

Perhaps one or two moments where young children may need to hold an adult's hand for comfort, but overall a good family movie. Probably not one to watch over & over again, but a worthwhile time at the cinema for a special outing.

Crazy Jamie;8335471

I went in with low expectations and actually thought it was quite good. … I went in with low expectations and actually thought it was quite good. Worth a watch. Don't see it in 3D though. Not at all worth the extra money for some rubbish 3D effects that were tacked on to a distinctly 2D film.

PS. Yes, I didn't mention we watched the 3D presentation too, & I concur with Crazy Jamie; I don't think the few, very limited, scenes making use of the technology would add anything to the experience. Save yourself the extra admission price & the hassle with having to wear the tinted glasses throughout the time in the cinema.



i have seen it and i would recommend it if you like Tim Burton
like all his movies the different
its about Alice returning to wonder/under-land
if your not expecting a total remake its 10/10
remember its dark

I LOVED this film and I go to the cinema often.

Just the right length, loved Johnny Depp and the characters were all very entertaining.

The 3d was excellent, I would certainly pay the extra as you'll never be able to replicate the sense of 3d in your own home.

I'm 23 and my tastes are usually girly romcom films and horrors lol, I didn't like Avatar at all if that makes a

Three of us went a couple of weeks ago and all thought it was very average. The 3D distracting rather than enhancing the film (as filmed in the 'normal' way then fiddled with post production rather than filmed actually in 3D and you can tell) Probably the most disappointing of Tim Burton films if I am honest....and I like them normally. The Cheshire Cat was awesome though :-D
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