Alice in Wonderland, suitable for a 10 year old?

    I'm going to use the disney BOGOF to get dvds for my daughters for Christmas. Trying to decide whether to get eldest the alice in wonderland one (tim burton, not cartoon one!). I've heard differing reviews on it, and wondered if its suitable for an almost ten year old, whether shes likely to enjoy and understand it or not?
    She loves things like Corpse bride and Coraline, is it similar to those in terms of wierdness?
    If not she'll end up with pocahontas, a film I know she loves, but I fear she may grow out of soon.....although at almost 30 I haven't....


    it does have its creepy moments depends on the child really lol

    My kids are 5 and 8 and they didnt enjoy it - i thought it was pretty naff too so i would go for a better disney film.

    I thought it was ok, not the best film though, and certainly wouldnt compare it to nightmare before christmas and corpse bride

    its so so rubbish!

    Very confusing; I believe the viewer would be better able to watch the film if they were on LSD.

    If she loves things like Corpse bride and Coraline, then she'll probably like this too.
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