alien visitors/abductions

    There is a widespread belief that alien beings have traveled to earth from some other planet and are doing reproductive experiments on a chosen few. Despite the incredible nature of this belief and a lack of credible supportive evidence, a cult has grown up around it. According to a Gallup poll done at the end of the twentieth century, about one-third of Americans believe aliens have visited us, an increase of 5% over the previous decade.…jpg

    Do you believe any of the stories you have heard ?
    Do you think it's all only a figment of peoples imagination ?
    Do you think it 'may have been' or 'will be' possible at some point, past, present or future?
    Maybe you feel that they are somewhere in our universe but as we are so small, hidden amongst countless billions that they may never find us, or us find them !
    Or maybe we are not significant enough yet to be worth a visit!

    Lets hear some of your opinions/possibilities/beliefs :wink:

    an interesting read:…tml…os/

    - acecatcher3

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    Wow big topic! I'd say most stories I hear/read have a different more reasonable explanation. However I'd really like to think there is something else out there!! I find the idea of other life forms very cool and interesting. Of course we may just be equivalent to fungi for some other life form.... the funny thing is thinking not in terms of we don't know other life forms exist because of distance but rather we don't know they exist because we can't perceive them...just like the moss on the tree doesn't really know that I'm walking by....

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