Alienware gaming PC - Advice sought

    Looking for a good gaming PC

    Does anyone know about Alienware? Are they any good? What are their customer support like?

    Looking at Area 51 model anyone got one?


    Over priced, you are paying for the brand name.

    Build one yourself for much cheaper.

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    not that bright I'm afraid.

    Looking for a PC with an Intel core i7. Any suggestions?

    If you're not able to build it yourself, almost all computer shops would build you a superb gaming computer at a fraction of what Alienware will charge you.

    If you want to buy online, have a look at [url][/url]. They'll build you a spanker to your spec. Their direct number is 01782 339 616 (from say no to 0870).

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    Cheers for that. And I'm guessing it won't be so bloomin UGLY that way! Bit too old for a headless transformer to be sat on the table!!

    Alienware are a rip off no question about that....

    but id still LOVE one of their laptops if i ever won the lottery lol
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