Alienware m11x Any Opinions

i'm on the verge of buying an Alienware M11x for around £560 any opinions on this and is it worth the money?.

spec is Colour : Alienware cosmic black

Processor : Core 2 Duo SU7300 1,3ghz, 800mhz

Memory: 4gb ddr3 1067

Hard drive: 500gb 7200rpm Sata

Screen: 11.6" High Definition 1366x768 WLED

Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GT 335M 1gb graphics card

Integrated 2.0MP Camera Webcam

Dell Wireless 1520-N wifi card

Dell Wireless 365 bluetooth card

8 Cell Li-Ion battery 64WHr


If you're looking for something with minimal dimensions and gaming capability then the m11x is pretty much your only choice, it does seem an impressive machine for size. I decided against it though as I wasn't keen on the form factor, although it's 11 inches it's quite a deep and heavy machine but still has the limitations of the smaller physical screen and keyboard with no optical drive. Having used an 11in ultralight and 13in for a while now (Sony TX1 and Dell XPS M1330) I decided to stick with a 13in machine.

That does look a good price for the m11x, is that on the outlet?

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That price is about £300 cheaper than Dell, oO


That cpu is awful for the price.


Yeah and Alienware are massively overpriced. IT doesn't change the fact … Yeah and Alienware are massively overpriced. IT doesn't change the fact that that is a poor deal.

Which rival 11in machines with an Nvidia 335m would you recommend then?


Get the ferrari acer 1, cheaper and better.... and hide the red paint job.…8-2


I'd keep the red paint job and hide the acer badge

Like what you did there

To be honest I think the red and acer badge looks a hell of a lot better than the Alienware - I know Alienware have the image of big and macho and GRRR ANGULAR EDGES but on an 11 inch netbook it doesn't look menacing, just pathetic.

Just my opinion though, I know a few people who would love the look of the M11X.

To be honest I can't think of any reason to go for this. If you're going to be playing demanding games then laptops simply can't cope with the demands and the heat that gets generated for a long period of time, I know friends that have owned top of the line alienware and rock laptops and after about a year the hardware starts to fail badly.

I'm writing this on a basic 10" Dell laptop and it's great for what it is, a throw away ~£200 but paying 3 times more for a slightly better cpu and gpu is crazy. Even if you use the monitor out feature and have it on a higher resolution screen you're then negating having a laptop and might as well get a small form factor PC which would get you more for your money and is upgradeable.

The dream of mobile gaming on laptops isn't a nice one, and if you're just looking for something flash then get a Mac.
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Well i for one love my m11x, plays just cause 2 fine and alot of other games. Yes it does get hot but most laptops do when your using them, The good thing is you can switch graphic cards to save on battery meaning you can get about 7-8hrs on the basic one and about 2-3 on the 335m card. You can also output hdmi and plug into a tv and play games on there as ive done in the past.
And the colour changing keyboard makes it look pretty as well.

I've got a HP 311c - cost me about £250 or so.

Placed a GPU and CPU copper heatpad to lower temps, overclocked to 1.8/1.9GHz and overclock ion GPU aswell.

Plays UT3 in native res very well!

But at twice the price is the Alienware twice as good? Thats the key question

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