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Found 7th Jul
An order I received recently came with a damaged paid for accessory. I've asked the seller for a partial refund or replacement. I paid for the order by card however the seller is asking for a paypal address to make the refund which irks me. My question is, can the seller issue the partial refund via Aliexpress to the original payment method?
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It’s just your email , why not ?
They wouldn't be allowed to do that in the UK under money laundering rules (refunds must be to same payment method as purchase) but it must be different in China.

No harm in accepting the refund in this way though, as long as they are sending you the money through friends and family. If you don't want to give your main PayPal email, link another email to your PayPal account and give them that to send the money - then remove the email. Otherwise, give them your PayPal Me link which means you don't have to share any email address.
There are no consumer laws in China as we know them. Most of the time if something goes wrong it's tough, don't even bother going back to where you bought it from they will just laugh at you.

I'd take whatever is offered, because if you try to argue they'll just stop talking to you.
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