Aliexpress - faulty product.

Posted 4th Nov 2020

Ive purchased two £200 items from the same seller I’ve used several times. These two items unlike others dont work, seller provided some lacklustre support but we haven’t been able to get the items working. Due to this i opened a dispute for a faulty product. The seller has just messaged me asking me to cancel then reopen the dispute and change it from a faulty product dispute to “the buyer does not want the item” as aliexpress with punish them but have said no matter what I’ll still get a refund.

At the moment I’ve only asked for a partial refund as i dont want to send the items back to china as this will be expensive (seller has said they wont cover shipping costs) and they can say that they’ve not received the item and nothing i can do!

Anyone got any experience of this?
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