AliExpress just seems to be full of scammers

Posted 30th Jul 2020
Ordered a specific lens mount for a camera (Sony A7S which is a metal mount). Package sent on 24th and received on 29th. They sent a much cheaper plastic one meant for a different model. They even admitted doing so in the messaging feature on the site. They claim because I didn't reply to them asking which model camera I had, but I hadn't seen these messages as I wasn't notified of them. And in any case if I order a specific part number, that's the exact one I want.

They have since sent messages saying they will send the correct version. But then another message saying because of shipping times they will have to cancel, I'll have to order again, and they offered a refund by PayPal. A Google search suggests this is a common tactic used by AliExpress sellers as they later raise a dispute with PayPal and say they have not received the item, and you're left with no leg to stand on.

Looks like I'm going to have to go through the dispute process and deal with them desperately trying to get me to cancel the dispute. They have 100% feedback and have been on there 6 years. I assume they must have some way of deleting negative feedback?

Hopefully I can fall back on a credit card chargeback if necessary. It's just a big pain and waste of time I guess that's why the scam works because most people give up.
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