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Posted 4th Jan 2017
Hi All,

I am looking for some advice for a purchase I made on Aliexpress.

The item was just shy of £100 and was ordered on the 06/12/2016, a few days later the status was changed to dispatched and a shipping number was added. The shipping details never updated as the weeks went on and when clicking for more information the tracking number wasn’t recognised.

On the 31/12/2016 I opened up a dispute asking for a refund stipulating the tracking number was incorrect/false and that the I would like a refund as the item had not been delivered in the 20 days specified by the seller. The seller responded today asking to ‘wait for handle’ which I presume means wait a bit longer. I have now the option to accept or reject the case, with Ali Express being able to step in on the 07/01/2017 it’s only a couple of days but do I reject/accept or ignore the message until this Saturday?

I don’t want to jeopardise my chances of getting the refund I am entitled to by clicking the wrong button.

I have ordered 100’s of items from Aliexpress with some being ordered after this one so with the false shipping number I can only presume it’s not been sent/lost. The seller has positive feedback so it could be genuinely delayed.

Has anyone ever had this and what would your advice be?
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