All 16 seasons of BLEACH now streaming on Disney+

Posted 26th Oct 2022
Classic Japanese anime series, must see viewing for all. Dubbed into English , no need for subtitles. All 16 seasons, should keep the kids quiet till Christmas
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    It's also available in Japanese audio and English subs for those of you which aren't savages!
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    Kids.... Kids!!! Im 34 and still binge alot of anime...
    I only watched 1 or 2 seasons of bleach those so will be binging this now
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    Thanks for letting me know! Haven't seen Bleach for years but it's interesting to see that Disney has anime on it now(had no idea). They're certainly upping their game in terms of content.
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    Season two was amazing but then stopped cuz the filler put me off.
    What's worth doing is looking up which episodes (and seasons!) Are filler. It definitely makes it better!…es/
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