All-in-one multifunction printer/scanner/copier

    Does anyone know of any good deals on these right now? Preferably an HP (I like the look of the new ones). But willing to listen

    - bruffterman


    HP Officejet 4215 - Expect you've seen this one already but I think it looks good for the price

    HP 4215 (HP WEBSITE)



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    Thanks Ray, but yeah I already saw it. I need it to be a flat bed scanner as I do all my scanning from books and journals and I doubt the library would be too impressed if I cut all the pages out to scan them

    The Dell site has an A940 for only £50 with shipping/VAT but I run OS X and I don't think it will be compatible without fooling around with Lexmark drivers (the Dell printers are rebadged Lexmark).

    Oh well I'm patient. I've considered getting a printer and scanner separate but my desk space is too valuable

    Not that I have seen a deal yet, but I would recommend the HP all-in-ones. I have had two now, the current one being HP PSC 1210, and this little one is a beaut. Not only is it (at least it was) the smallest all in one device, but it has great resolutions, is fast, and looks great!

    I have it in line with my Shuttle case, so it fits the "small" look, but this thing would probably look even better with a Mac, with its rounded edges and slightly-funky colours.

    Thats just my two cents though. I'll be on the lookout today for some printer deals.

    Oh, it also supports Mac OS 9 and X standard.

    Well first of all the lexmarks do support Mac OS X, while the Dells say they will not. The dell one you saw is the Lexmark x5150, which retails for about 80 on amazon. So its not a bad deal, but I wouldn't want to try and fiddle with it. Plus, I believe, that dells will only take new Dell cartridges, which can only be bought on

    Anyway, looking around Amazon seems to have the lowest prices (thanks to shipping) for these two, one which is an update of mine, the other is a Lexmark that has gotten good reviews online.



    I would recommend either getting it at these prices, or hanging around till you get a 15 off voucher or whatever, then jumping on them. Remember in the end it will be the ink that will cost the most!


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    Hey thanks Nick! That HP one you listed seems to be pretty much what I'm looking for. I'm going to nose around a bit and then maybe jump on it.

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    Looks like it's about £65-70 with VAT/shipping most places. Hmmm that makes me feel like there has to be something out there to get that extra edge and bring it down in price a bit more.

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    OK bought it I used the £3 discount voucher to bring it to £61.47 with VAT/shipping.

    Not a spectacular deal but it's the one I wanted, it looks good and is fully compatible with OS X.

    Thanks for the help guys

    Got me interested in finding out about these, so thank you too!

    No problem guys, trust me, you will NOT be dissapointed with that one!

    Much happy printing, scanning, and multifnctioning to you both! :lol:

    If there is anything else you are interested in, post it and I'll do a search around for ya!

    :arrow: Nick

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    With offers like that you guys are going to drive me into the poorhouse Can't resist buying deals sometimes.

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    Just got the printer in the post It looks sweet. Thanks again!

    Sorry for lateness of post here, but personally i'd avoid HP as their cartridges are sooo expensive (not to mention the markup on the printer itself). The price of Printers is falling dramatically. It's now only really the colour lasers that are out of your everyday price range, but you watch, they'll fall soon! (at least a year)

    comet have hpc1215 for 65.00.

    After a Lazer printer, cheap but good.

    Any help would be appreciated. I saw one selling ages ago on the PC world website for £60, I wish I bought it now.

    Thanks in advance.
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