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Yay or Nay? Don't need to replace my desktop just now, but was looking at them the other at PCWorld and i quite like the look of them. Main use web browsing, watching videos tutorial, very little word processing and spreadsheet, occasional photograph work
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Better off just buying a steam link and using that to stream from a larger box. You just need to link it by ethernet and you're done. The box is tiny so you can just stick it to a behind the monitor.
They're low on processing power and expensive compared to a normal desktop, a lot of the lower priced ones these days use laptop parts, and the prices for models with larger or better quality screens are ludicrous.

If you can live with the screens they're perfectly good for what you want to do.

AIOs aren't a new concept - they've been around for some 20-odd years, and the reason why they've generally failed to catch on in that time is that they're not really good for, or at, anything. With a traditional desktop, you get unrestrained performance and capacity, lots of flexibility, easy repairs, and easy upgrades. With laptops, you lose those advantages but gain the convenience of a true all-in-one (that is, one which includes keyboard & cursor, and its own power source) system which you can take and use anywhere. With AIOs, you lose those advantages too. And you further suffer the disadvantage of buying into a platform which is so unpopular that it becomes difficult to find the spec that's just right for you because the range is so small.

For your needs, I'd suggest a laptop like the Lenovo Yoga 14. They're reasonably cheap, offer ample processing power for your needs, include SSDs which mean they perform very snappily, have oodles of battery life, and they have a rather handy 360 degree screen, which mean you can use the laptop as a laptop, as a particularly thick and unwieldy tablet, or simply as a screen for your tutorial vids. I have one, and it's a very handy little system.
Thanks guys, good advice. That is what i thought that if the unit goes wrong then it's the entire thing that is not working. I will stick to desktop for now,
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