All-in-one PC (not Apple) recommendations, please

Posted 9th Dec 2022
Hi, can anyone recommend an all-in-one PC, thank you

Not Apple because it’s for my 64 and 69 year old parents (I’m positive theyhave undiagnosed autism) and they have never used Apple, and so I want to avoid meltdowns (I have to laugh bc I’m the same) 🥴

The price point we are thinking of is around £1000, can be more or less though.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions and help.
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    Against AIO
    Get a SFF PC instead.
    What program they are using?
    I think for space / design reasons - my mum is set on getting an AIO
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    Dont go with an AIO, you should see the amount of faulty ones on ebay.

    Small form factor will take just as much (or little lol) space.

    Also £1000 for accounts, emails, browsing etc is well ott.
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    What will it be used for? If it's not Apple and doesn't need to be super powerful or capable of gaming then you should be able to get a decent one for way less than the £1k you're talking about here. With elderly parents I assume it's more just general web browsing, a few YouTube clips and video calling?
    I would personally go for something like this:…473

    Nice big bright screen, lots of power, and a decently sized SSD. +£15 for a Costco Online membership if you don't already have a warehouse card.

    You can of course go cheaper and less powerful. Probably from around £400 Onwards for a decent one if you don't need such a large screen and a bit less power. (edited)
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    As others have said, why not buy a really small PC and a monitor. Much cheaper and room to resolve any future issues without being stuck with a paperweight.
    YOu can then choose your ideal monitor etc separately.

    Thank you. I’ll show my mum
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    What's their experience - an Apple is a better solution for a novice as there is no risk of malware or virii. Also you won't be met with lots of ridiculous pop ups prompting to install updates and restarts...
    What will they use it for? Would a tablet or a laptop be a better fit?
    They definitely want a desktop pc rather than a laptop or tablet. They print A LOT and want an in situ setup. A tablet or laptop would be moved and they would temporarily lose it
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    48977871-Nq8PC.jpgThis is the one my mum is thinking of buying - is the specification ok. I realise they don’t need to spend as much, for their needs.
    The i7 version is out of stock and I think their current Sony Vaio (yes that old) AIO is on it’s last legs
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    Thank you everyone, what small pc boxes / towers do you recommend?

    I can see the one in the picture is Dell, are they the best for small pc’s
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    I completely get everyone’s point that AIO’s are rubbish.
    Their current Sony Vaio AIO cost around £2500 many years ago and has cost about that in repairs too. 
    Do you want new or used? How much storage do they need?
    The one I linked to was a Dell 7070 Micro FYI.
    To be honest, even one that is 6 years old is going to be smooth with an SSD in it. (assuming you get an i5 o i7 not an i3). You could buy one that is about 6 years old for £100 or less.. or you may feel happier paying £300 for one that is more up to date...

    CEX sell them with 2 year warranty if that makes you feel more comfortable.…ine

    Dell sell them refurb for £450 upwards..…A==

    Lenovo Tiny is another equivalent.
    Feel free to shout if you see an option / have questions.

    Always options on Ebay etc.
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