All-in-one printer recommendations please!

    I need to face facts & buy a new all-in-one printer!
    I need it for copying, scanning & printing for both home & work use.

    I currently have a Brother DCP310-CN but it uses yellow ink like there's no tomorrow (although its set to print in black & white).
    I had no yellow ink cartridges left last week so I trick it & put a cyan cartridge in its place.
    I've printed tops of 10 A4 pages since then & the yellow (well, cyan) has run out today after printing half a page??!!
    And, to top things off, it won't print in black & white when there's an empty cartridge!

    I think it may be more beneficial to buy a laser all in one instead of an inkjet?

    I'm looking to spend £150 tops really!

    Thanks for your help in advance!


    I have just been told there is a half price HP all in one at Staples for £123 (after searching the web it seems lots of people have it at that price - must be end of line).

    I think it may be this one (even though it says the deal finishes on 12th May they had some in store yesterday)…fax.

    someone recommended the epson 515, we go the 215 due to the tight budget, works great print quality is fab, although we did have a lexmark before, but go for a colour laser if you can afford it ink is suppost to last ages


    but go for a colour laser if you can afford it ink is suppost to last ages

    Do laser printers also do scaning and copying?


    Do laser printers also do scaning and copying?

    samsung do one a little over budget though, sure if you check you will find one cheaper Samsung CLX-3175,

    EDIT - the samsung is actually the cheapest all in one colour laser I can find without paying over £200, so depends on what you want to pay seen as budget is an issue you can either spend an extra £30 to get a laser one or spend £100 and get a decent inkjet one, assuming you are looking for a colour one?
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