All in one printers - buying advice please!

Found 29th Apr 2009
My dad has a canon printer that I bought him for peanuts through the cashback scheme.

I didn't realise but he is spending a fortune on cartridges for it.

Please can anyone reccomend a decent sub £60 all-in-one model that will work fine with compatible inks?

I understand that Epson may be the brand to go for - any deals out there please?


]Comet £45 Epson.

Not sure about the compatible cartridge wish tho.

Put printer in the search, there are quite a few threads about them.

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Thanks greg - gets good reviews but seems that model doesn't like compatibles unfortunately.

Shop around for this printer - brother dcp 135 - I think staples/amazon sometimes do it for £30-40…tml

And get the inks here at £1.30-ish a go.…id=

Cracking printer, good quality printing - I've had one a while with no probs whatsoever.

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Thanks karaoke, can't find any deals on it online but came across this one…spx
anyone any experince with it?

I have a Canon IP6600D, & compatible cartridges work fine on it, although I do occasionally use Canon cartridges.


Thanks greg - gets good reviews but seems that model doesn't like … Thanks greg - gets good reviews but seems that model doesn't like compatibles unfortunately.

Can you please tell me where you got this information from?
Reading ]reviews on Amazon for this printer, people seem to have compatible cartridges working fine, they just need to be a newer version to work with this printer.

I normally get my cartridges from ]Consumable City, and this page states ]these cartridges will work on the SX200, £10 delivered for a set of 4 cartridges.

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I read several different reviews, including the ones on amazon, where several people have struggled with compatibles.…tar

You may well be correct and it may just be that they were using the wrong kind of ink.

Have you got the sx200, i'd be interested to know what you think.

Sorry, I have an Epson Stylus D92 Printer.
When I first got the printer, I bought some compatibles from SVP which didn't work and I had to send back. It turned out that at that time Epson released some new chip which meant that older compatibles wouldn't work on this printer. Soon after, compatibles were released for my printer, which I got from the above site and they worked great.

It could well be a similar case here, but I'll try to see if I can find out for definite.

I emailed the guys at Consumable City to find out more, and got this really informative reply from them which should explain the compatibility issue:

Many thanks for the message and interest in our products.The main reason … Many thanks for the message and interest in our products.The main reason for the conflict (in regards to the cartridges) is because Epson have changed the firmware on the Epson SX200 so that it would only accept T0711 – T0714 cartridges that had a certain firmware change also registered on the small microchip found on the cartridge.This was designed to cause confusion and fear with compatible inkjet cartridges (which as you can see has worked) and therefore increase Epson’s own sales for ORIGINAL inkjet cartridges.The inkjet cartridges that we currently have in stock are complete with an up-to-date chip which means that it recognises the firmware on the Epson SX200 and therefore the printers accept the cartridges to work.To be honest Epson are always going to be trying new ways to stop people buying compatible inkjet cartridges and they seem to be concentrating more on this then on the actual printers themselves (which is why this same printer on Amazon has some bad reviews about the way it works – not just the cartridges).We have been recommending to customers in our shop for the last few weeks that if they do wish to buy a new printer then they try and buy a Brother printer if possible.The cartridges for these are a little bit more expensive then the Epson version (£11.99 for a set of 4 for the most recent as opposed to £9.99) BUT they are almost twice the size and the Brother printers do seem to be more reliable. If however the Epson SX200 is perfect for your needs then I can confirm that the inkjet cartridges that we stock will work on the printer without any problems.

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Hi Mr B, great work thanks, rep added
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