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    I am looking to buy an all in one wifi printer - which isn't too expensive on the cartridges side of things too. This is for home usage and my budget is around 35-40 GBP - what would you guys recommend please?

    Any help much appreciated.



    I got a HP envy 4520 for £35 at currys

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    I got a HP envy 4520 for £35 at currys

    Yes I had it on click collect too but was out of town for a few days and they cancelled my order

    I Got one at tesco a year or so ago for £30, they're always on and off offer in tescos, a word of advice, before buying one, check if they have cheap chinese ink available, will save you a fortune.

    for low running costs try Brother
    cartridges uaually cheap
    would never go for HP in a thousand years !
    if you can put up with b/w only then get a cheap laser

    Look into Instant Ink compatible ones....can significantly reduce the price of HP ink

    I'm a hp man.. Epson are good to.

    get a black and white laser printer. bought a samsung one about 5 years ago and it still has 50% ink left (I don't use it much but it doesnt dry up like inkjets)

    Epson WF series are excellent & ink is a little over £1 per colour they also do a double size black so it lasts twice as long.

    I managed to get the 7610 for £80 less £30 cashback recently its A3 printer & scanner & it's a really lovely printer the A4 ones in that range are really good. You can network scan, you can push scan from the printer to any powered on computer with no need to touch the computer, plus card readers & pribt/scam from/to USB
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    I got a HP envy 4520 for £35 at currys

    ​agree. we have this, was going to buy from argos for 45 but went on hp website and also found discount code too. plus they were offering 3 months free instant ink. think all in was 42.50. fab printer. don't think printed off pc much as all do off our phones.

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    Thanks guys - helpful pointers - much appreciated.

    Are there any current deals on any of these good printers that you might know of?

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    I just picked the HP Envy 4524 for 35 quid from Currys as part of their boxing day sale thing - posted a deal too, in case that helps anyone.

    Thanks all for your valuable advise.
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