All men are B******ds Knife Block

    Im hoping to get my partner for fathers day the 'all men are b*******ds knife block' or also known as the 'Voodoo knife block'.

    I dont suppose anybody knows if the knifes are any good?
    Also if there are any deals going around for this knife set.



    In Before A Telling Off

    Blank Out Your Swear Word:)

    Original Poster

    Ohhhh so SORRY,

    I've seen these, they are great fun. I would also love to get one. Last time I saw it was in Selfridges and ti was about £80.00, a bit too expensive for me.

    I've had a set for around two years (bought myself after finding out that my boyfriend has been cheating on me lol). I think the knifes are quite good, deffo worth it, they make everyone laugh when they see it!
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