All my HUKD posts going into moderation!?

Posted 20th Jun 2017
Anyone else got the same problem? Never had a HUKD warning or anything - all my last posts have required moderation before becoming visible. HUKD Bug or new policy?
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Happens to me every now and then. I think it's to stop spamming. Do your posts get posted eventually?
Had it a few times, eventually gets posted, normally happens when posting a web link for me.
Are you using a VPN, or are you currently abroad? I've had it before when they couldn't tell I was posting from the UK
don't get paranoid, which is a natural reaction. my posts get moderated every now and then before going live. it may be when the mods are off for a loo break and they can't see what is being posted so they put them in the queue.
It's funny, I saw this and thought oh, I've not had that for a while. Then go to post on another thread and it's now off on it's way to moderator land before they will accept or deny it for public consumption. Strange folk them moderators. I sent this at 23:11.... Just incase the same happens here!
Again... Just posted on the OnePlus 5 thread (Deal Thread) and it's gone into moderation.
What is going on? I'm on the older HUKD version - not been swapped over yet.
ive not posted a deal before but I just tried to post one now and got this message about going into moderation. Problem is it all dissapeared and dont know whether its lost. Does it take long to go live?
Happens to me, after contacting the mods it's due to me using an email address.
Despite being a member for several years, posting deals, hundreds of comments and quite a few likes.

The posts are approved eventually though, sometimes in a few minutes
Hmm, my deal just got moderated for no apparent reason.
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