All over it like a tramp on chips...

Found 11th Nov 2010
For the Apprentice fans in the forums, didn't Nick come out with a gem last night when he said " were all over it like a tramp on chips"???

I, for one, have made a note to crowbar that into conversations from now on...
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I re-tweeted it to Lord Sugar... Still awaiting a response!!! Hes coming out with loads of good one liners in this series!
I thought it was quite good X)
Welcome to December 2009

Welcome to December 2009

Don't mind if I do - Christmas was coming AND my job was safe...bring it on...
sugar is a plonker

far over rated all his gaggles crap is heavily scripted anyway

when was the last time his co produced something decent?

i remember he was buying shares in woolies whilst everyone was selling.... the next day woolies went t*ts up

haha plonker
Nick Hewer is easily the star of the show
I miss margaret :(.... Nick and Margaret FTW
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