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    Planning to redecorate a room which currently has a green vinyl wallpaper on it..Given that the walls are not in a good state and not wanting to have a massive expense on my hands, I had hoped to skip stripping the walls and use an all purpose primer on the wallpaper prior to emulsioning over it..has anybody had any experience of the method I am considering, who could advise on best multi purpose primer to use for the job please?


    Normally you would water the paint down as the first coat but what you may find is the wallpaper will wrinkle and even peel on the edges. So you need a spirit based paint which is not ideal because it may not be fire retardant. I would get a small area and do a test on the assumption that you may need to take the paper off or maybe the paper's surface. If the surface comes off do another test.

    Valspar premium paint may cover ok straight out the tin.

    I should of added... Cheap contract paint will craze terrible going over the paper. You could use a waterbased primer / Undercoat available at any diy shop but to save money use a paint with enough stick to do the job.
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