all these easter egg "deals"

    I'm really sick of all these "deals" all the shops are throwing in our faces on easter eggs - HALF PRICE, 2 for £2 etc.

    It's a load of bull, they're obviously not worth the original price. Also most of the boxes look much bigger than the eggs! (despite companies saying they were reducing the packaging size)



    People buy them.

    More fool them :-D


    People buy them.More fool them :-D

    my little brother & my cousin broke into mine !!

    now there not £1 each at asda :lol:

    it annoys me too



    my little brother & my cousin broke into mine !!now there not £1 each at … my little brother & my cousin broke into mine !!now there not £1 each at asda :lol:

    Don't buy until easter.

    Problem solved x x


    OP - it's called marketing.

    I learnt that from this:thumbsup:

    I love 'em

    When you think of the price of a bar of chocolate on their own, they are actually worth the £2 original price (60p for a bar of choc x 2, plus price of egg, plus packaging). However, they all do them for £1 as a loss leader to get you into their store and while you're there you'll spend £X more that you normally wouldn't have spent. I've been buying eggs instead of bars of chocolate recently as they're a darn sight cheaper for £1.


    yer that's true there is a small amount of chocolate


    im still living with the disappointment from when i discovered they were hollow and not solid chocolate :cry:

    Try Hotel Chocolat for Easter eggs...very thick chocolate! :-)

    Jesus died and rose from the dead at easter, so i'm with the christians on this one.......

    Celebrate by eating chocolate eggs whatever the price :thumbsup:
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