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Found 9th Dec 2009
So, a load of us have taken advantage of the recent Android deals, the Acer and the T Mobile Pulse (not to mention the HTC's)

And I thought, that there are going to be a number of us that are experienced with Androids and know your App from your ROM and then there is us Noobs (inc me) that have never seen, but heard big things about Androids (and cos we love a deal, got one)

So lets all help one another with all things Android m/
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ummm... its not hard? what do you want to know?
I am still waiting for mine to come from T Mobile

But it was more the fact that in all the android deals the same questions are asked. So I thought have one main point for Android Q&A's.

got my pulse today, the only thing im interested in doing is changing the rom to put the stock android os on. i have been reading about and see people are getting errors. does it run well or is it buggy?
changing the ROM is a pretty serious thing to do, it can completely brick your phone. I have flashed many ROMs on many phones. your safe doing it as long as you know what you are doing first. i spent a week reading about it before i actually did it.

forum.xda-developers.com/ is a good place to start
Is the cahning the ROM, in effect chaning the OS?
yeh, the ROM is the OS
the Radio is the communications bit (Cellular, GPS, Bluetooth etc)
anyone recommed any apps to get? just been downloading randoms 1s and just playing about
Pulse Update from ]T Mobile
A cool app is gmote if you have a wireless network, control your PC from your phone
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