All things being equal, which CD is best, an SACD or 24K Gold CD?

Found 3rd Mar 2011
I want to buy a Jazz CD and it's available in both formats at similar prices, which one is likely to sound better? TIA.
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Both will sound terrible, because it is jazz. But from a technical standpoint, if the 24K gold CD translates as 24karat rather than bit, then you're looking at your bog-standard 16bit/44.1Khz audio files, which is just regular CD quality, and the medium is completely irrelevant to the phonic equation. A 16/44 file sounds the same coming off a floppy as it does coming off anything else. The SACD encodes the data with a method that's supposed to sound far, far better than regular CD, so, although both will sound terrible, the SACD will recount a technically more accurate version of the horror than the CD will. You may even hear the sound engineer's soul leave his body with the SACD. It makes a little phut sound, and it'll probably accompany a Bb6add9, or something.
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Well it's a moot point now as I got outbid for the 24k gold CD on ebay. I was bidding on an album by Carol Kidd called All My tomorrows. I thought I should try to bid for the 24k edition because they're rare and if I don't get it, the SACD is readily available online.
Are you a vinyl enthusiast dxx? I am, or at least I'm becoming one. I searched for it in vinyl, but it either wasn't out there or was too expensive.
Just get it on itunes
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