All thse great dell deals - when the XPS M1330?

    So I'm in the market for a well specced, but portable laptop. The M1330 looks stunning and ticks absolutely all the boxes, but is still quite pricey!

    We've been seeing all these great Dell deals of late, but will we ever get any good offers on any 13" Portable laptops with great specs @ around the £400 mark?

    Btw - the xps is at the following link. It looks stunning, I'm sure you'll agree!…dhs


    I have one of these and it certainly is fantastic, they have them for sale in Curry's atm, and I think they work out cheaper than ordering from Dell.
    Still expensive though, about £800

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    Come on MikeT

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    Found this -…951

    Needs a better chip, double the ram, and a dedicated graphics card :-d
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