All Weather Table and chairs for Small Garden (But for 4+ folk)

    Hi everyone!

    We are (or I husband doesn't know yet) looking for a table and chairs set that we can leave outside as we have no storage space to put it away when it snows. It needs to be quite sturdy as we have 2 kids under 5 who would inevitably tip over plastic chairs and crack their heads on the expanse of concrete that makes up 80% of our garden (the rest is flower beds)...

    I'm hoping we can find something a bit funky, as we have a fairly narrow driveway where they will be placed, and so it will be a focal point. But we're a bit brassic. The main point was the all weather thing I guess, as we need to be able to leave them out without worrying about them being useless after frost/snow/sleet/raining cats and dogs/whatever the weather has for us until the 3 days of sun next year.

    I have wobbled some f the sets in B&Q and they seem errr..wobbly! If anyone has any suggestions I would be very grateful. I love the Ikea wooden stuff but I guess that it may have fallen apart by next year if we leave it outside :o(

    TIA everyone
    Love from Lucy xxx

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