All working for me now thanks everyone!!

    Just had a knee operation, got plaster on my knee for 2 weeks so need to keep it dry!! All went well though..... anyone else used anything other than a plastic bag for keeping a cast dry in the shower?!??!!


    no I cant either!

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    Glad it's not just me then thanks Bossyboots!

    Yes, just got on.

    Yep I can get on!

    ProtectaCast - Full Leg Cover (adult)
    Product Code: 6130108

    Price: £17.44


    Cast Protectors

    When you have a broken arm or leg, keeping your cast dry is extremely important. The ProtectaCast enables you to shower or bathe as normal

    • Waterproof cover which can be worn over plaster casts or surgical dressings to give protection from water
    • Can be used in bath, shower or swimming pool
    • Will prevent water from penetrating cast or dressing
    • Watertight cover ensures limb remains dry even while fully immersed
    • Made from natural rubber, the ProtectaCast is soft, flexible and comfortable to wear
    • The ProtectaCast is re-useable for up to 4 to 6 weeks

    ProtectaCast - Full Leg Cover
    • Protects up to the top of the leg. Available in cream.
    • Adult

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    hmmm ok, what browsers you using folks?

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    Working for me now thanks people!

    I got on 2 using opera (_;)
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