All you vets out there - why oh why can I not buy frontline de-flea without a prescription? It's only de-flea, not horse tranquilisers!

Posted 26th Jun 2008
I posted earlier asking for a good online store to purchase a good de-flea and de-worming treatment for my cat as my vet would not sell it to me without seeing my cat, and nor would the other vet practice I asked. So, off I went on my online search and I was told petmed was the place to shop - good prices and nice easy website. I place my order, go off a happy person, and come back to read my emails saying I need a prescription for the frontline de-flea for my cat and my dog. Seriosuly?! A prescription for it. I would understand if it was horse tranquilisers but it's de-flea treatment for a cat.
I am trying to be a good pet owner, keeping out animals happy, healthy and in good condition. There is no way I could get our lovely cat to the vets, she is a scardy cat and the second she sees a basket she gets the claws out and will hide for a few days, go up to the farm and not come home. Being a rescue cat and ferrel when we got her, I suppose she hasn't forgotten that and she gets so stressed out if we actually manage to get her in one that it just isn't fair on her, so going to the vet is not an option.
Any ideas on how to get frontline at a good price without going to the vet? Please!
OK, mini rant over, my supper is ready so got to go, but all comments and suggestions gratefully received!
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