All you wii experts out there

    To all you experts out there.....

    1. Can you play gamecube games on a wii? and do you need anything to adapt/ changes to make. Have bought one for OH's birthday and come across Mario Golf - Toadstool Tour - Gamecube / Wii. Before I spend the money, just wondered if anyone had any advice?

    2. As your here..... What is the difference in quality for the controllers? Is is worth spending the extra money for genuine nintendo or are the "fakes" just as good. Need an extra remote control and just wondering what type/where to spend my hard earned cash.

    Cheers for any help Niki



    1.Yes you can play gamecube games on wii
    2.You get what you pay for, i have bought "copy" controllers before and they've not lasted more than a couple of months.

    Yeah you can play gamecube games on the wii, you can also use the old game cube controllers. Not sure about the fakes as i only have the reals ones but if you are going to get an extra wii controller you are better of buy wii play so you can get a game and a controller for just a little bit more than the cost of just the controller.

    As for the controller... the best deal is to buy Wii Play from for £27.99 and then sell the game on (e.g. on EBay - can get up to £10 for it). Best deal for a nunchuck is £12.99 at Morrissons.

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    Top tips everyone! . I knew I could rely on you guys. :thumbsup:Cheers
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