alliance and leicester cheque deposit

    hi i was just wondering if anyone can help, i put a cheque in the bank on tuesday and today its showing as cheque deposited, but my balance hasnt gone up, does that mean the cheque hasnt cleared yet or something must of gone out my bank, i cant remember how it works with alliance and leicester. i would ring and find out but its my partners bank so they wont speak to me.


    5 working days so clears next thursday

    Did you pay it in via the Post Office or an Alliance & Leicester branch?

    If through the Post Office, it would have only have reached A&L yesterday, show as deposited today, and then not clear until probably Tuesday next week.

    If you paid it in directly through A&L, I'd imagine it should clear on Monday.

    I have an alliance & Leicester account and it means it hasnt cleared yet. Check your balance after a couple of days and the balance should go up.

    I may be wrong, but I was once told in my branch it takes LONGER if you present a cheque there than it does if you do it at a post office. Sounded strange, but thats what they said.

    I have always posted cheques to my A&L account and never had a problem, as already mentioned your account will show it as deposited as soon as A&L get it but it will take 5 working days to clear.

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    thanks for replys, my partner put it in in the postoffice. i wasnt sure its been that long since i had a cheque.

    I have a alliance and Leicester account, at times I can find them a bit strange! Things not showing on mini statements etc, but they seem to be ok
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