Alliance & Leicester Overdraft Match - Help Needed!

Found 22nd Apr 2010
Hi all,

I opened a account with A&L on the basis my overdraft would be matched, obviously only when my application is successful as they do credit search. The credit search was fine and I got my account opened and the branch manager explained it would take upto 2 weeks for him to talk to head office to get me the over draft matched. As part of overdraft match, he explained I had to deposit £500/Month and switch my direct debits but I was given an option of doing it after my overdraft has been matched.

After a month I got a letter from bank saying, I had to provide my recent bank statement and there should be no negative balance for a period of 15 days and that I need to provide them as soon as possible. I already provided all the documents when I opened my account, now this was a hassle had to take my documents back to A&L and now the guy explains they couldn't match my overdraft as my balance in other bank was negative over a period of 10 days and he requested me to provide recent statements.

I put effort in getting all documents he needs and now he comes back saying my application was denied due to poor credit reference! I got really boiled, not only did it waste my entire month hanging around but this bloke made me close my other bank account which I wasn't using much and also made promises of matching my overdraft based on credit search & statements.

Now he says he cant help and that I can close my account if I needed to, I can clearly see this is all some bs.. can someone advice me if I can I actually make a complaint against the brand/manager or the bank. I am pretty sure I have a decent credit history (checked last month) and all their fake promise wasted me 1 month of time and also closing a bank account.

Any advice or suggestion welcome!
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Financial Ombudsman may be of help.
If you google Financial Ombudsman it shoud take you to their website and explain more in detail of what department you require.

It is a free service so we cost nothing to try.
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