Allie Weight Reduction Drug

Found 4th May 2009
Fat missus.
Too Expensive.
Need Allie.
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That's not very nice.........
amazon has it cheaper than supermarkets
padlock the fridge
Its cheap in Asda I think.
Ali is expensive, I found some cheap weightloss pills at Home Bargains last week for 99p instead of over 20. Take a look, I have been on them for about a week and lost 14 stone in a day... Not really lol.
Do you really need to take weightloss pills? Surely running/cycling/swimming 4 times a week and a healthy diet is the best (and proven) method.

Eat healthily, be careful about what you put into the system and it'll come off.
Incidently I met a woman in the pub friday (I was there on a post-run pint - diet coke since you ask) who knew some of the runners, she's lost 8 stone in a year but eating healthily and doing other exercises other than running. She carries a photo of her before in her handbag to remind herself everytime she has a craving. Inspirational really. On the other hand my mum lost a lot of weight by dieting, but never took up any exercise. The difference was remarkable, but when she started to fail on the diet, the weight went back on. Not that I told her that. :-S
how much is this stuff?
doctors should help - weight lost on script
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